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About Luigi’s Italian Greyhounds


Luigi’s Italian Greyhounds is a small facility out of our home where we raise our beloved Italian Greyhounds. We take pride in being small . We like to keep it that way by only having a few dogs at a time. Abigail Penelope and Murphy are our pets which we adore so much.

Describing our IGs :

Here at Luigi’s we develop a personality that shines. Our Iggys are full of spunk and kisses. They are not the little yappers like some of the other toy breeds. They are quite the opposite. They can be smooth and sly in their mannerism . It is because they are a very intelligent breed and it shows. They are thinkers and adapt well in many situations. Our Iggys are go getters. My female dog contributes to her puppies the show quality that she carries. They inherit a calm attitude that is needed in the show ring. She also provides her puppies with determination and confidence. My male Stud dog is more of the sighthound. He provides the playfulness of running and fetching. Those are the traits that we all love. The look of our dogs is maintained and refined by selecting certain characteristics and traits that we prefer from the Italian Greyhounds of the past. Some will describe our look as Egyptian and Old World Hound. Sighthounds express themselves through movement. You can see some of  these expressions in the way an Italian Greyhound moves its ears. They can make them fold, flip, and stand straight up. Our dogs have a sculpted statue appearance. They have several poses that imitates a painted portrait. They stand at attention as if they where in the presence of Royalty. They cross their legs in front of them as if they were a Sphinx guarding an ancient treasure. You will find them darting, and sprinting bravely as if they were part of the Calvary. At the end of the day do not be surprised to find  your Iggy under a blanket or curled up into a little ball like a tiny kitten. I could go on and on. Luigi’s Italian Greyhounds are people loving puppies. They seem to adore us Humans as much as we adore them. Our Iggys meet the AKC Standards. We also feel that they meet the standards that all animal lovers hold. We are providing you with the perfect little Italian Greyhound.

Quality Time :

We believe in spending quality time with each of our animals. My husband and I do this on a daily basis with our dogs and their puppies. Time is an important thing to consider when deciding to add a puppy to the family. Over the years I have had many animals. It has been my experience that if you spend at least fifteen minutes a day with each one of them you will develop a trusting, loving,relationship. Giving your animal a massage once a day will help promote good physical and mental health. I provide a jump start in doing so for my puppies. Finding time for your new puppy again is of major importance. Your puppy’s spirit will grow to its fullest. Your puppy  will give you the promising characteristics and personality that a true Italian Greyhound embraces. The results have always been Awesome!

Acclimation :

Our little Iggys get accustom to several types of animals. We have five rescue dogs,an adult cat and a very intelligent parrot. What an array of excitement! They help us in developing skills such as potty training and learning about the Pack Leader “I just love that Dog Whisper!” Maintaing good health is at the top of our list, along with social skills that help prepare them for a new environment. We also get them accustom to going outside at the ages 10 to 13 weeks old. Basically anything that we can nip in the bud we will try to do before your new puppy goes home.

Rescue and Rights :

Luigi’s Italian Greyhounds has always been apart of rescuing poor and abused animals. There is nothing quite as painful as seeing Gods ✞ loyal gift starving and sick on the side of the road. It is a real problem within some areas of this country and worldwide. I feel strongly about the issue and try to do my part to help. We support the spaying and neutering of animals. We are an active breeding facility, and therefore believe that it is part of our responsibility to educate and communicate about serious inhumane issues. We continue with our research and will post it in our Blogs and Podcasts.

Preserving quality in our pedigree bloodline :

We choose our bloodline carefully. I am constantly doing research for my next step in becoming one of the best Italian Greyhound contributors around. People need to understand that there is a lot of hard work in keeping the bloodline pure. There are people who breed animals for all the wrong reasons. Those people do not share our values. People can taint and damage a breed  by the values they hold. The out come is so disheartening. I only hope to educate the fact and help change it. Luigi’s IGs are enjoying being a part of the Italian Greyhound community by going to the AKC Dog Shows. It is so much fun! You can see these precious Iggys and their handlers hard at work doing their best. Staying around for the end results is definitely worth the time and wait. We wish to expand our Champion bloodline to its fullest.

Thank you so much for your time and interest. We truly appreciate your love for our Italian Greyhounds. Sonja and Andy Foster of Luigi’s IGs

Our Motto...

We spend quality time raising remarkable loving companions.

Best in Breed! and Best in Show!